The Cats What’s Up! Movie Assessment Marathon

For a little over 20 years, I’ve amassed quite the diverse group of movies, with 837 of the 952 reserved for the Tremendous 1200 Project already in my possession. However, I’m not done yet, as I’ve got 248 more open spots to fill out the rest of the project, whether it’s a group of movies already in the selection process or movies that await assessment.

Of course, that brings me to the latter of those two topics, as I blog about the movies that will be in my sixth movie assessment marathon of 2020 via the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
Before I FallIf Flower and Vampire Academy (both Zoey Deutch movies) can be re-assessed, then this movie should as well.
King Arthur: The Legend Of The SwordIf “fuck” can be used in both Centurion and the Dwayne Johnson version of Hercules (that one is being re-assessed), then this movie deserves a re-assessment as well. Plus, Annabelle Wallis is in this movie.
Stand Up GuysDespite the implausibility of Katheryn Winnick’s character getting the energy for “relations” with Alan Arkin’s character after what Al Pacino’s character did with her, this movie has too much going for it to be not be re-assessed again.
The WaterboyIt’s worth a re-assessment simply to see Rob Schneider’s character say “You can do it!”
CatsTiming-wise, this marathon is the soonest that this movie can get assessed via a rental.
ParasiteWith how much acclaim that it got at the Oscars, it’s totally worth an assessment.
Pain And GloryA movie where Antonio Banderas gets an Oscar nomination is totally worth an assessment.
HarriettAn assessment for this movie is trending upwards, following 12 Years A Slave getting into the Tremendous 1200 Project and Free States Of Jones having a successful re-assessment.
Seven PoundsIt simply needs a re-assessment.
Speed KillsThere’s no such thing as too much Katheryn Winnick.
Need For SpeedThe perception is that this movie is in the same category as Collide and Overdrive. The question is will its reality be better than the reality of those two movies, thus an assessment.
Malcolm XGiven Selma is in the Tremendous 1200 Project, this movie deserves a re-assessment.
The Incredible HulkA movie featuring Hulk as its main character is worth a re-assessment.
Summer SnowOne of two Cameron Goodman movies that can get in the Tremendous 1200 Project right away.
The Dead UndeadThe second of two Cameron Goodman movies that can get in the Tremendous 1200 Project right away.
Shutter IslandAn assessment that was incomplete almost 10 years ago will get a full assessment this time around.