The Case Of The Bigger Name Movie(s) Overshadowing A Potentially Better Movie

When it comes to being so close yet so far to rounding out the final 55 fully guaranteed Two ThouCentennial spots, I’m always looking for movies that are on the same level of enthrallment as the two Saved By The Bell movies, The Menu, the entire John Wick franchise and In The Heights, as all eight of those movies are each unforgettable in their own unique ways. And of course, with the opening line of the previous sentence being said, 55 will be 53, as the next two movies during my current theatrical tour will be The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Chevalier, the former of which I have already pre-ordered my ticket for, with that day being exactly a week from now.

However, I’m nowhere near that prepared when it comes to Chevalier, due in part to a movie theater that’s local to me already having outer wall posters for Fast X (a May 19 release), The Flash (a June 16 release) and Elemental (also a June 16 release), with those releases being either four or eight weeks after Chevalier (April 21 release). And quite frankly, I find that disrespectful to Chevalier, a movie that is way more interesting than both an installment (Fast X) of a franchise that overstayed its welcome 20 years ago and a movie (The Flash) that’s in the category of hit-and-miss superhero movies. Elemental is granted a reprieve, due to Pixar’s perfect track record of putting forth movies that are Two ThouCentennial material.

Of course, big name movies that are attached to big name brands/studios (Universal for Fast X, Warner Bros. and DC Comics for The Flash, Disney and the aforementioned Pixar for Elemental) will get “coming soon” poster treatment way more than the likes of Chevalier, which is A) A smaller name movie and B) A release of the 20th Century Fox subsidiary Fox Searchlight. And given the catering to big name movies that are big studio releases, it’s rather annoying yet unsurprising that Chevalier isn’t getting that same treatment. And given the slower than molasses pace that movie showings update, I won’t know for another 10 days if Chevalier will be playing in a theater near me or not. The excruciating uncertainty continues.