The Burn-A-Ment, Part 1

Well everyone, the definition of insanity has been defied, as eight of the nine most recent Land Of Infusion assessments/re-assessments proved to be competent, thus A] The competitive field has finally rounded out for the vacated spots of both Saltburn and Next Goal Wins, and B] Two extra movies (Body Of Lies, The Chumscrubber) have been added to the Eleven Movies For Two Spots page, on the basis of them being fallback options for Wonka and Migration, respectively However, The Chumscrubber could be replaced in the competitive field, thus possibly prolonging the selection process via spot-fill tournament just a tad longer. Furthermore, Scream VI won’t be in the first tournament, as it has been designated to take the place of Scream ’22 if the first Melissa Barrera-Jenna Ortega collaboration wins that first tournament, although the second Carpenter Sisters movie will be making its way into the second tournament regardless.

Alright, so now that the compilation of the field has been completed, here are the rules of how the spot-fill tournaments will go via the bullet points below:

  • All 10 field movies must face the 18th through 91st ranked movies of Tier 12 once, followed by seeding being decided via win-loss record or the tiebreaker of most quality win, such as a movie having a win or the most convincing win against At Eternity’s Gate, the 18th ranked movie of the aforementioned Tier 12
  • The top six movies avoid the play-in round, whereas the winner between the seventh ranked movie and eighth ranked movie will get the seventh first round seed via winning the play-in round
  • The loser between the seventh ranked movie and eighth ranked movie will play the winner of the ninth ranked movie and tenth ranked movie for the right to get the eighth first round seed
  • The first round, semifinals and final round are all single elimination rounds

Well, that’s the first part of the spot-fill tournament format. Tune in tomorrow to the pre-season rankings of the 10 movies that will eventually compete in the first spot-fill tournament.