The Battle To Be In Tier 5 Next, Part 2 

Yesterday marked the first time in a little over six months that a movie moved up to Tier 5 on the Land Of Infusion page, as West Side Story ’21 pulled off the upset against Kickin’ It Old Skool, thus the former officially becoming the 2,048th overall guaranteed Flickuum movie. And of course, with that being said, you’d figure that the latter’s loss would prolong its waiting period to move up to Tier 5, right?

Well, not necessarily, as Kickin’ It Old Skool gets a second chance to end its moratorium via being the number one seed of the top 11 movies (that are not named West Side Story ’21) on the Already Assessed & Re-Assessed Vs. Rookie Scale page. And not only does it get the number one seed for a second time in as many tournaments because in addition, it will get that status in a tournament format that can be summed up via the bullet points below:

  • The top 11 movies will compete in four rounds, with the top five movies each receiving a first round bye
  • The number one seed will play the winner of the eight-nine first round matchup, the number two seed will play the winner of the seven-ten first round matchup, the number three seed will play the winner of the six-eleven first round matchup and the four seed will face the five seed in the quarterfinals
  • The one seed, eight seed or nine seed will face either the four seed or five seed in the semifinals
  • The two seed, seven seed or ten seed will face either the three seed, six seed or eleven seed in the semifinals
  • The 11 movies in the tournament from first to eleventh are 1. Kickin’ It Old Skool, 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3, 3. Renfield, 4. Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, 5. Sisu, 6. Miracle, 7. Gifted, 8. Best Sellers, 9. Top Gun: Maverick, 10. Top Gun and 11. Showdown In Little Tokyo

Well, there you have it. 11 movies each with a chance to be the second one to move up to Tier 5 this month. And given the unpredictability of the system that is used to do spot-fill tournaments, there’s no guarantee that the number one seed (Kickin’ It Old Skool) will get the official 2,049th overall guaranteed Flickuum spot. But we’ll all find out tomorrow.

Time to continue strive for more additions to Tier 5.