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On June 22, 2019, Steve blogged about the birth of the idea for his 113th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Lucky 113 Opportunity: Part 2”

                       During the day of my Rocketeer helmet tattoo, I was telling Jeff about my goal to leave my day job and how much the hoop jumping process of getting a new job frustrated me. But instead of having what I brought up turn into a conversation of self-woe, I used what I said to fire myself up, by saying, “I’m not going to let some closed door stop me from what getting my opportunity!” And as to how Jeff responded, he responded with a quote that hit home for me, which was, “If you’re not being let through the door to get your opportunity, then kick down the door to get it!” The quote further galvanized my motivation to leave my day job, along with remaining in my memory bank, as I knew that was what would give me an edge moving forward.

However, having that quote in my memory bank wasn’t enough because in addition to that, I wanted to wear it on my body in the form of a tattoo as I had a premonition about taking a tough road to get to where I want(ed) to go in life. So with that said, I decided to get a tattoo of a door being broken down to symbolize the opportunity that I was supremely motivated to get. And of course, I decided to choose Jeff to tattoo it on me.

Tune in tomorrow to find out if he accepted the assignment or not.