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On April 13, 2019, Steve blogged about which artist that he chose to do what would have been his 96th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“The Polar Substitute, Part 1”

                              Previously in Tats What’s Up!, I mentioned the idea of a dream catcher tattoo being born. However, what I didn’t tell mention was I got further inspiration for getting one, by flipping through the portfolios of Jesse and Neon, which of course had a picture of a dream catcher tattoo in one of them. And while I honestly don’t remember which portfolio it was at the time, I decided that the dream catcher tattoo that I wanted was going to happen in that shop.

In addition to deciding to get that piece done at Scorpion Tattooing, I picked an area on my body picked to get that piece, which was the lower left side of my stomach/upper left side of my pelvic area. And no, I didn’t pick that area for inappropriate. Instead, I picked that area because I was running out of room on my body.

Despite picking such an “intimate” area to get a dream catcher tattoo and picking it with no “inappropriate” motive in mind, I didn’t feel comfortable with a dude tattooing me in that area. So with that being said, I chose Neon to tattoo it on me. We agreed to the first Saturday of May 2014. Or so I had thought, because she voiced her concern about tattooing in an area that was so close to my still healing Victoria Everglot tattoo. So with that being said, she texted me on the first Friday of May 2014 to tell me that she wanted to do the dream catcher piece at a later date. And of course, that wasn’t all because in addition to that, I got to choose something else for her to tattoo on me during that day, as well as choose it to go on a completely different part of my body.

Tune in tomorrow to find out what I chose.