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Yesterday, Steve blogged about the births of both his 79th and 80th tattoos.

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“Going For Two More At The Sho(gun): Part 2”

                           A lot of the recording artists and bands that all hail from countries that have the red, white and blue in one way or another, whether it’s Adele, Jon Secada or Ludacris. And of course, I didn’t have enough room for portraits of any/all of them at the time, and I don’t have enough room for portraits of any/all of them now. But I wanted them and all the other such groups/recording artists to all be represented in such a universal way, so I decided to get a musical note with those three colors to represent that idea. And not only did I come up with that idea so fast because in addition to that, it also became the piece that I decided to have Matt at Shogun tattoo on me.

Of course, there was the piece that I had in mind for Tom, which was inspired by the aforementioned Ray Lewis-themed tattoo, which was his jersey number and the quote “Never Let Your Past Define Your Future”.  And how that piece inspired my idea was the fact that I had the belief that I would prevail against the doubts of leaving my day job for something better, along with the belief that hard work prevails against the systematic unfairness of one being born with a silver spoon in his or her mouth. So with both of those things being said, I chose to get the word “PREVAIL” in a Baltimore Ravens style purple to represent those beliefs, as well as the inspiration that I got from watching the end of Ray Lewis’ career culminating in a Super Bowl championship. And since Tom did a Ray Lewis-themed tattoo once before, I decided to choose him to do this one.

Of course, next came the setting up of appointments for both tattoos, which I did on the same day that I saw Obsessions for the very first time. And was the case with previous tattoos that I had made appointments for, they were both down to do the tattoos that I had in mind for each of them. And just like the Going For Double Gold miniseries, I was able to get them to tattoo both in the same day, which was going to be the second Friday of March 2014.

However, I hit a major snag in my schedule for that day, as I found out the week before that Friday that I would to have a work late afternoon/night shift. So because of that, I stopped by Shogun exactly a week before that Friday to tell Matt about the snag and that I would have to reschedule with both him and Tom. He then told me that he understood and gave me the option to have them both tattoo me in the same day, to which I exercised. He then told me that he would go talk to Tom about a day that would work for both of them, so he went into Tom’s room to do just that.

After roughly five minutes of waiting, Matt came back and told me that Tom completely understood, along with the fact that they both found a day that could for both of them, which was the third Thursday of March 2014. And of course, that day worked for me as well since I had nothing planned.

Tune in tomorrow for the first half of my second multi-tattoo day at Shogun.