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And as to what today’s entry is, well it’s Steve Kaycee continuing to blog about the embryonic stages of his 169th tattoo via the bold text below.

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**Note: This entry has some strong language. Discretion is advised.

“Root Of Evil, D.S.S.: Part 3”

Previously (exactly two weeks ago) in Tats What’s Up!, I blogged about being in the process of studying Colin Kaepernick’s tattoos, as I needed a topic (tattoos) that I was familiar with to help take my mind off that fucked up instance at that club. And of course, the process “of” progressed to active studying, as I did indeed study Kaepernick’s tattoos on the basis of wonderment. And while I wasn’t expecting to find anything that I had wanted as a tattoo of my own, such an expectation soon led to unexpected adaptation, as I adapted a tattoo of Kaepernick’s to something that I subsequently designed for myself.

Tune in a week from today to find out both what that tattoo was and what I had designed for myself.