Tatrad: Part 8

Grocery shopping and tattoo shops became a common theme in early-March 2016, as the first Monday of that month became the fourth such day that going grocery shopping and stopping by tattoo shops would occur. And of course, with all of that being said, I stopped by Blue Heron that day to see how booked up that John was for April of that year, as I had my sights set on the second Saturday of that month (April 2016) as the day that I wanted the four tattoos that I have covered in this subseries. And not only did I have my sights set on that day as the one in which I wanted to get all four tattoos because in addition, I brought reference points for three of them and had spots chosen for all four of them. And as to what those spots were, well simply view the chart below:

TattooSpot Chosen
Black Knight Chess PieceLeft lower back/left hip area
Charlotte The SpiderLeft hip
Symbol Of ZombieliciousLeft side area under my rib cage 
NGF AbbreviationLower outer left bicep

After presenting John and Mary with the three reference points and showing them the spots that I had chosen for all four tattoos, the former of the two was down to tattoo all four pieces on me, along with not having any objections to the aforementioned spots that I chose. And not only were the assignments accepted for each aforementioned spot because in addition, John was completely wide open on the day (second Saturday of April 2016) that I wanted, therefore us agreeing to that day as the day of the appointment for all four tattoos.

Tune in tomorrow to the first quarter of the quadruple-header.