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On August 13, 2019, Steve blogged about the session of his 121st tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Worship & Rally, Part 3”

                                   After experiencing another night out on the town in vain, I woke up to gear myself up for what was going to be my second completed tattoo of July 2014. And after getting some breakfast in my belly, along with leaving to get money from a local Bank Of America, I arrived at Lion’s Den. And as soon as I had arrived, Brian was ready to tattoo me. But before that could happen, the steps of preparing the stencil, prepping the area and applying the aforementioned stencil all had to commence, to which they all eventually did. And after a few minutes of drying time, it was showtime.

The experience pain-wise for this piece was that was it was comparable to the tattoo that I had received five days prior, except a little more tolerable. However, the session was long, due to Brian wanting to make sure that the piece was to perfection. But hey, I’ll always long sessions that translate to good tattoos over rushed sessions that translate to shitty tattoos any day of the week.

After three hours of getting a slightly less painful tattoo than the rays of sunshine with clouds and raindrops tattoo that I had received five days prior, number 121 was a wrap. And just like its 120 predecessors, it came out awesome.

After snapping a picture of the piece with my iPhone, Brian bandaged me up. I then cashed out with him, we then shook hands and finally went our separate ways, with him closing up shop for the day/night and me heading to grab some lunch on the way home. Oh yeah, there was also the matter of my continuous attempted justification of leaving my day job.

Stay tuned.