Tat Of The Future

Seventeen days ago, I did say tune in two weeks from now to find out what I decided on to cover up the portrait of Freddie Jackson on the right side of my lower back. But due to my commitment to the resumption of the Batting A Thousand project, I was unable to post this entry on its intended day, which was this most recent Independence Day. But hey, better late than never, right?

Despite the three-day tardiness of this entry, I did indeed find a tattoo idea to cover up the aforementioned portrait of Freddie Jackson. Or should I say a previous idea that I went over in my mind multiple times.

You see, my favorite recording artist is Lajon Witherspoon for his transcendent talent as a vocalist, whether he’s doing songs with or without his Sevendust bandmates. And not only is he transcendent, he’s never contributed a song that’s deemed a bad song. Yeah, he’s that good.

Constantly being in awe of the talent that is Lajon Witherspoon made me want to get a tattoo of him, with my first contemplation of that occurring in late January 2017, as it was then that I wanted to get a cartoon style portrait of him on my right side next to Underdog tattoo. However, I eventually didn’t like that idea, so I nixed it.

Next, I decided to get a mini portrait of him from the Seasons album cover tattooed on my left index finger. But after realizing the issue of his left eye being obscured by the shadow on that album cover, I nixed that idea as well.

I then gave thought to getting a shadow portrait of him, courtesy of a still from the music video for Medicated, track 3 on the All I See Is War album, on either of my arms or the right side of my rib cage. However, I was unable to make an appointment in a timely fashion with the artist that I had in mind to tattoo it on me. And while the not so timely circumstance cost me a shot at adding to my collection, it did make me realize that Lajon Witherspoon deserved better than a shadow portrait.

And now that brings me to June 18, 2019, as that was the day that I almost wrote the first blog entry of the Freddie Jackson tattoo miniseries in advance. But as I stated in The Unfortunate Portrait, that tattoo no longer served its purpose, as I’ve since moved on in my personal life. 

The realization that I came to about that tattoo ultimately made me think, “I have a portrait of Freddie Jackson, but no portrait of my favorite recording artist (Lajon Witherspoon)? Something is wrong with this picture”.

Of course, the rest became history, as I of course decided to vacate the aforementioned Freddie Jackson tattoo from the Tatt-A-Lanche page, as well as seriously contemplate covering up that tattoo with a tattoo of my favorite recording artist, Lajon Witherspoon.

Now I haven’t made an appointment for this cover up, hence the name of this entry. But I am confident that this cover up can be done, as the fit test of the reference point over the already existing tattoo, in tandem with enlarging its pending stencil, can prove as such via the picture below. It’s just a matter of which artist can help me rid that tattoo mistake once and for all. Stay tuned.