Symbolic Sunday

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On June 23, 2019, Steve blogged about setting up the appointment for his 113th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Lucky 113 Opportunity: Part 3”

                 On the fourth Saturday of April 2014, I ventured out to multiple shops in Salem to go say “what’s up”, as I was either building up friendships or established friendships with them at that time. However, I wasn’t just visiting for that because in addition, I went to one shop in particular to go set up an appointment with Jeff for the “door being kicked open” tattoo. And sure enough, he was there.

After being greeted by Jeff, I asked him if he remembered what we talked about with the “breaking down the door to get your opportunity” motto, to which he answered, “Yeah”. I then said, “Well, I’m looking to actually get that motto as a tattoo and in the form of a door being broken down”. He then replied, “Oh fuck yeah, man. I’m down to tattoo that piece. What kind of style do you want it in?” I answered, “Any style you want” and then showed him where I wanted to get it, with the spot being my upper right inner forearm/inner right wrist area. It was a small area, but Jeff had no objections at all about that. The appointment was set for the fourth and final Wednesday of June 2014.

Tune in tomorrow to the session of it.