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Very recently, Art Infliction team member Natasha Najjar announced a restructuring of her livestream cooking show, along with sharing that information with another team member in Steve Kaycee.

Among what Natasha shared with Steve is that she’s utilizing GoFundMe to get funding for this restructuring endeavor of hers. And given Steve’s knack for wanting to help promote the projects of others via this website, he offered to promote this one for Natasha, to which she accepted.

Natasha has the skill and dedication to take her livestream cooking show to where she feels that it needs to be. But she can’t do that alone, as what she needs to get there is stated in the first sentence of the paragraph above.

Let’s help this skilled, dedicated and wonderful person achieve her goal via her campaign, which you can see in the hyperlinked words below.

Thank you for the support and have a wonderful day!

Natasha’s Livestream Set-Up