Steve’s Reads: More Than A Game

Last week, I reviewed Shaq Talks Back, the book in which Shaquille O’Neal tells his story from birth to the 1999-00 NBA season culminating in his first championship.

This week, I somewhat keep the theme going, as I review More Than A Game, the book co-written by NBA Hall Of Fame head coach Phil Jackson and his friend Charley Rosen.

More Than A Game is a unique book that allows both Jackson and Rosen to talk about their involvement in the game of basketball, along with their respective upbringings and personal lives away from the court. Plus, you can see the chapters of both men alternate, as well as each man commenting on the other in various chapters, and a tandem chapter at the end, where both men discuss the state of the game.

The book’s uniqueness keeps you engrossed from beginning to end, along with getting educated, because it teaches you how to remain calm in times of panic. At least that was the case for me anyways.

More Than A Game is the perfect book for true basketball fans, Phil Jackson fans, and people that are looking to be calm in times of panic. So with all of that being said, it’s yet another book that I highly recommend!