Steve Reviews: The Drain Weasel

Well everyone, today is the day that you get my verdict on whether the Drain Weasel lived up to its billing or not, beginning with the day and estimated time via the next paragraph.

Alright, so the fact that the bathroom sink (across from my shower stall) was still draining all too slow really bothered me, so I used my then-latest home repair acquisition the day (fourth Thursday of this most recent June and sometime that afternoon) after I had purchased it, as I really didn’t have much else to do that day. And as to how that went, well it retrieved facial hair and some snot that I had washed down that drain, but not enough to fully convince me that the water-draining was back to normal, so I put it down that drain again and (fortunately) got the same exact results. I then ran water to test for draining speed and sure enough, the sluggishness was finally gone and hasn’t come back since. 

Yes, I totally recommend the Drain Weasel for unclogging bathroom sinks, as it will clear out that nasty gunk build-up, all the while preserving the condition of your bathroom sink pipe(s). However, I also advise that you wear cleaning gloves, while removing the gunk that it picks up, because using a paper towel via being bare-handed to remove it will cause cuts (it has bristles) to your skin and could very likely infect those cuts via those yet to be sanitized bristles. But other than that self-inflicted rookie mistake, my verdict for the Drain Weasel is that it lives up to its billing and is a home repair tool that will surely help you “weasel” your way out of potential catastrophe for your home bathroom.

Well, that does it (at least foreseeably) for my home bathroom repair advice. It’s been an adventure going through two self-inflicted mistakes with that particular bathroom sink, but everything with that aforementioned bathroom sink is all good now, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to both this blog subseries and the bathroom sink scratches blog subseries.

Tune in to next Monday’s Nog Report to find out what my next lead blog entry will be.