Steve Remembers: Kobe Bryant, Part 2

In part 1 of Steve Remembers: Kobe Bryant, I mentioned what I was doing right before I found out the news of that tragic helicopter crash, along with how I felt when I first heard that news. And while it’s been 11 days since it happened, I still can’t believe it.

Now you might be wondering why I’m blogging about Kobe again? Well before the assault allegations that were brought against him in 2003, I was someone who thought the law was 100% perfect, no matter how badly written and/or bad applied some of it was. But after how political that former Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert made the case against Bryant seem, it made me start to question the legal system to the point that seemingly every week since July 2003, I’m attacking some kind of technicality in it or some kind of badly written and/or very outdated law. Plus, the lens in which I viewed that situation through has since made me more well-rounded and continues to make me more well-rounded in wanting right to be right. 

Now I don’t like using something negative for personal gain nor am I intending to do that. All I’m saying is that Kobe Bryant, through those news reports back in 2003, was what really got me started to blog about social issues. And with that being said, I guess I’m just one of the many people that learned from Kobe Bryant, whether directly or indirectly. Plus, I guess I’m just one of the many people that learned from him, despite how awkward it is for me to blog about what initially inspired me to become the social issue blogger that I now am.

Tune in tomorrow to the conclusion of Steve Remembers: Kobe Bryant.