Steve Reacts: The 2022 NBA Finals

When it comes to a singular significant sporting event (The Super Bowl) or an entire series (NBA Finals, World Series), I usually write my reaction to such immediately or shortly after I wake up. And of course, with that being said, I was supposed to blog my reaction to the 2022 NBA Finals right after that series concluded. 

However, a myriad (five to be exact) of things came up between the end of that series and now. And as to what those five things were, well you can find out via the bullet points below:

  • Seven plot jots of movies that will be eventual movie reviews
  • Completing 121 movie assessments/re-assessments
  • The constant content creation of Tats What’s Up! entries
  • Relocating within the Tarheel State
  • Doing the test run of my Saved By The Bell DVD boxset (75 episodes tested, 20 to go)

Of course, I have found ways to lighten my load in putting forth constant content for Tats What’s Up!, along with the fact that I only scheduled two movie assessments today. So with all of that being said, I will finally blog bout my reaction to the 2022 NBA Finals matchup between the Golden State Warriors and the Boston Celtics via the next paragraph. Let’s continue.

Okay, so for one, I don’t like the over-emphasis on the three-pointer in the NBA. And given how many times that the Warriors have relied on and continually rely on that mode of scoring, I was increasingly agitated during Game 2 and Games 4 through 6 of this past NBA Finals. Two, the way that the Celtics clawed back to almost steal Game 5 (Stephen Curry was 0-9 from downtown in that game), and the fact that they jumped out to a 14-2 lead to open Game 6 (they lost 103-90) made them a very frustrating team to watch. Especially when I felt that this most recent Warriors team was the least talented of the six that went to the NBA Finals, along with the fact that this most recent Celtics team was way more talented than this most recent Warriors team. And three, the Celtics via the constant frustrating style of play failed to punish the Warriors along the interior, as Steve Kerr’s bunch had no player taller than 6-9 on their 2022 NBA Finals roster. Guys like the 1992 through 2000 version of Alonzo Mourning would have punished the 2021-22 Warriors along the interior without fail.

However, despite my boredom with the Warriors and their style of play, I have to give them their due because it’s awesome that three guys (Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green), who have all been teammates for exactly 10 years (going on 11), won a fourth championship together. Especially with how tight-knit of a veteran trio that they are. Plus, Curry got the last accolade (2022 NBA Finals MVP) that he needed and part of me was hoping that he’d get it, so that the doubts of him being a first ballot Hall Of Famer can be silenced once and for all. And silenced they were, as him being the most consistent player in the series was/is why his team has a fourth NBA championship in eight seasons.

Yes, I was 0-for-4 picking against the Warriors this past NBA postseason and I completely own up to that. Those four times weren’t the first times that I got sports predictions wrong and they definitely won’t be the last. 

Well, that does it for this edition of Steve Reacts. I don’t know when I’ll have another such entry. But when I do, you’ll no doubt find out about as such via The Nog.