Steve Reacts: Super Bowl 56

For the second time in three days, I’ve posted something to this page, with it being my reaction to the Super Bowl 56 matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals this time around, with the former of the two teams winning their second Super Bowl in franchise history, by the score of 23-20.

Of course, I picked the Bengals to win this game, 27-17. And given that they were 49 yards away from A) Getting exactly 27 points and B) Winning the game, I was almost correct on both counts. But thanks to a “Kupp” of frustration (Yeah, I don’t like Copper Kupp), I have to own the fact that I got this prediction wrong. And while it’s not the first time that I’ve gotten a sports game prediction wrong, this one is especially frustrating because for the most part, I really can’t stand the Rams and all their George Steinbrenner-like stockpiling of players from different teams. Plus, I’ve seen their over-hyped team get garbage calls or no-calls in three different games of the Sean McVay era, including that garbage holding call against Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson on third down of the Rams’ second-to-last offensive possession during the final game of the 2021-22 NFL season. 

Sure, there were a couple of nice stories during this vomit-inducing game, such as Aaron Donald (I am a fan of his) getting the final accolade of a Super Bowl championship added to his Canton-bound resume and 40-year-old offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth finally winning his elusive Super Bowl ring. But other than that, I want to block all other existence of this game from my memory because I’ve typically found the Rams to be a team whom I go out of my way to avoid watching at all costs. Yeah, that team is one of the least appealing ones that I’ve seen in my 26 years of watching professional football.

But on the bright side, I have nearly seven months of no Roger Goodell era football to watch on TV. And that’s fine with me because I have many other things to do with my time between now and then.

Alright everybody, that does it for this edition of Steve Reacts. I’m not sure when I will post content to this page again. But when I do, you’ll surely know about that via The Nog page. Okay, blog to you all again on Wednesday via the Tats What’s Up! page.