Steve Delves: VideoETA

When it comes to this page (Kaycee And The Forefront), I usually tackle tough issues, such as the various types of scams and mental health, the latter of which could be deemed as anyone’s takeaway via the reading of my Sinead O’Connor blog entry. However, this entry is going to have a much lighter tone, as I’ll be citing three reasons why the website VideoETA has becoming increasingly frustrating, beginning with the next paragraph. Let’s continue.

Okay, so my first gripe with VideoETA is that they were unresponsive about when the movies Chevalier and Mending The Line would both get hard copy confirmation, although the former of the two movies has since become a moot point via eBay. But when it comes to the latter of the two movies, I just want to know when I can see it in any form, so that I can determine whether it will make the Catch-22 Hundred Project or not. 

Second, I don’t like how inconsistent that their Just Announced section is, as some older announcements will just squat there like that free-loading tenant who the landlord hasn’t booted out yet, while some newer announcements have cleared out of that section in less than a week, following their hard copy confirmations. Case in point, the hard copy confirmation of The Blackening was announced before the hard copy confirmation of No Hard Feelings yet the latter of those two movies spent less time in that section. Granted, I do like both movies, but the movie (The Blackening) that was announced first should have cleared out of that section first.

And finally, I hate that their Just Announced section still has Fast X (available to purchase via hard copy this coming Tuesday) and Asteroid City (available to purchase via hard copy this coming August 15), especially when they can easily fill those slots with two other movies. But given the hype machine that the Fast franchise is, I doubt that that clearance will happen between now and Tuesday.

Given that VideoETA seems to be the only game in town, from the standpoint of it being the website that it is, the inconsistency within the Just Announced section and the ambiguity of when something might get hard copy confirmation are both facts that are being milked now, and could very well continue to get milked as long as its current regime remains in charge.

Let’s see what happens with movies, such as Mending The Line and Somewhere In Queens, during the coming days because that could be a telltale sign on whether VideoETA has gone downhill or not.