Steve Believes: First Four 2019, Day 1

Well everyone, I said eight weeks ago that I would make my picks for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. And of course, those aforementioned eight weeks have passed, as today marks the official beginning of the Tournament, with the First Four matchups of the Prairie View A&M Panthers taking on the Fairleigh Dickinson Knights,and the Temple Owls taking on the Belmont Bruins. The winner of the former of the two games will face the Gonzaga Bulldogs, while the winner of the latter of the two games will face the Maryland Terrapins.

Alright, so now that I’ve mentioned each match-up, it’s time for my picks; I like Prairie View A&M and Belmont to win, as they are the better teams in their respective match-ups. 

Well, that’s it for today’s edition of Steve Believes: The 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Tune in tomorrow, as I will make my predictions for the second half of the First Four matchups. So until then, so long everybody!