Stepping Through The Town Gate!

Just when I think that all 2,100 overall guaranteed Flickuum spots are completely settled, certain (three to be exact) movies began to rear their head, in terms of me second-guessing certain decisions that I had previously made. You see, it started with me not feeling all that confident about the remake of “The Stepfather”, as I found pretty much all of the performances in that movie to be anything but convincing, especially Paige Turco as Aunt Jackie. And of course, with that second sentence being said, I scanned the first of my two Tier 3 lists to see if I had any other movies to second guess. And sure enough, I did, with the next one being “Stargate”, due to it being a step down for Kurt Russell after he appeared in “Tombstone” and the final one being “Ghost Town”, due to it being a 102-minute episode of a bad sitcom.

Yes, a total of three second-guessed movies and all of them subsequently had their fully guaranteed spots revoked, thus three other movies had to be awarded their spots post-haste, followed by three more movies needing to be assessed/re-assessed, with the latter scenario being in hopes of the next 77 (possibly 79) overall guaranteed Flickuum spots all being filled sooner rather than later. So, with all of that being said, I performed quite a bit of mental gymnastics to meet both of those quotas by doing the following:

  • I moved both “Heathers” and “Hustlers” from the 2,101 through 2,177 group to Tier 3, thus awarding them fully guaranteed Flickuum spots
  • I expedited “The Chipmunk Adventure” up to Tier 2 as a fully guaranteed movie, thus finally giving “Desperados” its perfect Flickuum running mate
  • I upgraded “MFKZ” to Tier 4 and placed in Conference 14 after sending “Network” to Conference 20
  • I added “Attack The Block” to the current group of movie assessments/re-assessments, as it was the highly recommended movie that I totally forgot about back in September 2023
  • I added “Nikita Blues” to the current group of movie assessments/re-assessments because Mari Morrow deserves a Flickuum movie
  • I added “Filly Brown” to the current group of movie assessments/re-assessments because I want to see how big of a role that Chrissie Fit has in it

Well, that’s all the mental gymnastics that I did, and I was able to do it without spending half a day to piece it altogether. But this will be the last time that I ever do something like this because I want to resume The Flickuum Project exactly nine days from now and I want to do so with “Air Force One”. So on that note, it’s time to spend more time executing and less time over-thinking.

Blog to you all again on Monday.