Shark ‘Dite

At the very end of The J-Law Of Averages, I did say to tune in on Monday to find out which 2023 and/or beyond movies would be selected via the NHL roster style competition for spots 2,078 through 2,100 of the Catch-22 Hundred Project. However, it’s way too premature to find 23 such movies on such immediate notice, along with the fact that the still pending hard copy confirmation of Chevalier is really holding things up. So, with all of that being said, one of the 2023 or beyond movies vying for spots 2,078 through 2,100 will be assessed almost immediately for either A) An early opportunity to lock down a spot on the Walrus 23 page or B) The possibility of Chevalier being transferred from Tier 12 to that page, so that a movie with hard copy confirmation can expedite the other 24 Tier 12 movies to Tier 5. And given both Points A and B, I have already chosen a 2023 and/or beyond movie for this unique set of circumstances, as I have chosen the Josh Lucas movie “The Black Demon”, due to it being the Jaws franchise, The Shallows and Crawl all rolled up into one. And given the success of all six of those movies, Chevalier will most likely stand pat in Tier 12.

Tune in Monday to find out how this likely contingency plan ultimately materializes.