Seeing “Red” In The Current Assessment/Re-Assessment Line-Up

Well, my week of plot jotting just became a lot less annoying, as I was able to find the plot of A Thousand And One online, thus I’ll only have to do plot jots for A Journal For Jordan and What Doesn’t Kill You. However, my recent discovery has messed up my assessment/re-assessment line-up for all of the movies that will lead up to my evaluation of Batman Forever, as I had the plot jot of A Thousand And One lined up after my just completed assessment of Margaux and before my assessment of Tracers. And given that I don’t want to assess Tracers after Margaux, I decided to add something to assess between those two movies, with that movie being River Runs Red. And as to why I chose that movie, well I was looking for an adrenaline rush of a vigilante movie to assess this week, thus it making perfect sense to have that one be my choice. 

Of course, it remains to be seen how River Runs Red will do in its assessment, as big-name casts don’t necessarily guarantee success. But should this movie resemble anything even close to John Wick (the greatest revenge movie of all-time), then the amount of pre-final 78 fallback options or options for the final 78 could be at a real surplus.

Time to begin stockpiling that surplus in about hour from this entry posts.