Retroactively Overcoming Convolution, And Out Of The Woods A Seventh Time

Usually when an upcoming 2023 movie that I want to see theatrically gets released on its intended United States wide release date, I immediately blog about my opportunity to finally go see it. 

However, that wasn’t the case with Dumb Money, as one of my nearest theaters started to show it theatrically 10 days ago, so I jumped at the opportunity to assess it six days ago. And I’m glad that I did because I think it could outrank an already enshrined Catch-22 Hundred movie in The Big Short. So much for kowtowing to convolution.

Of course, the good news for upcoming 2023 movies doesn’t stop there because in addition, The Creator was released on its intended United States wide release date three days ago and I already have my ticket booked for it, as I’ll be seeing it three days from now. Oh yeah, and I look forward to seeing a dog hurl a grenade at robots. LOL.

It’s nice to find out that seven of the then-upcoming 2023 movies that I wanted to see theatrically didn’t kowtow to The Frandemic. And given that the Writers Strike is over, I have a feeling that an end will be in sight for The Frandemic.

But until that time comes, I have to be cautiously optimistic, as well as urge Five Nights At Freddy’s to not bend the knee.

Tune into that outcome on October 27.