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In my 37 years on this planet, I have moved five times in my life, although I don’t remember the first one, as I was just a baby when that happened. But I do remember the other four times and each time sucked. And now only did each time suck because in addition, each time sucked for all of the same reasons, with two of them being the annoyances of staging the house for showings and staying in a hotel so many days on end before moving into anything that was some sort of a house. And while the previous three times had such annoyances, this most recent time was by far the most frustrating, as it started with a meandering meeting/tour involving the seller’s agent, who was also rumored to know something that the buyer’s agent also knew, which was that the buyers didn’t move into the sold house until a little over a week after the closing. And had we (my roommates and I) knew that beforehand, well then we likely could have spent less time in the second of the two hotels that we stayed at, as that stay lasted 16 days of sleeping in that room and a 17th day of waiting around with my dog so that my roommates could come get us. And as to when that 17th day was, well it was exactly a week ago today.

Of course, the possible game that went on between both agents was just the beginning of all this frustration, as other things happened along the way, such as the aforementioned stay in two hotels across a 20-day (if you count last Monday) period. And why those 20 days were frustrating, well there were internet restrictions, as our personal data was 30 GB during every monthly billing cycle. And when you factor in two of the people needing to work via the internet while in a hotel room, along with house hunting online, well then all of that takes (took in my case) away something (watching rented movies via iTunes) that I had anticipated doing during that lengthy stretch of being in hotels. And of course, the bandwidth restrictions for watching those rentals were further compounded by both the frustratingly inferior and frustratingly non-secure aspect known as public WiFi. And of course, the latter of the two hotels had another network nuisance that I will allude to in the next paragraph. And as to what got impacted by that other network nuisance, well it was the fact that I like to lift weights in hotel gyms to say in shape.

You see, I was able to get an opportunity to finally work out in the latter of the two hotels on the third full day (fourth Tuesday of last month) of being there, as I ran out of time on the first full day and spent a good portion of the second day puppy wrangling.  But as it turned out on that third full day, I needed to have that hotel’s app downloaded to my phone in order to enter that gym. And given the potential security risk involved, I unfortunately bypassed doing something (working out) that I love to do as much as possible.

Of course, tweedled dee and tweedled dumbass of paragraph one were only a part of the equation for the prolonged hotel because in addition, there was another part of that equation. And as to what it was, well it was the moving company deciding to group multiple shipments of household belongings, along with staggering delivery schedules. And of course, the latter of those two decisions made absolutely no sense whatsoever, as it was revealed the day after this past Memorial Day that the household belongings of both mine and my roommates were 32 minutes away from the abode that we are now in. And since that latter of those two things made absolutely no sense whatsoever, it of course made me wonder why they didn’t make the delivery (much) sooner than they did.

Of course, technological incompetence wasn’t the only thing that those hotels (especially the second one) had because in addition to that incompetence, the second of those hotels gave both my roommates and I a single room with two queen-sized beds, due most likely to hotels’ draconian guidelines about pets. And of course since we had the dog with us, we incurred those draconian guidelines. And since we took so much luggage aboard with us, that single room seemed much smaller, as all of that luggage was a little too spread out. Now onto the flight itself.

Okay, so you know how airlines say that you’ll get all this downtime during your layover to the point that you can have lunch without being in a time bind? Well, that’s misleading, as the gate that I had get to with my roommates for the next departing flight to where we currently reside was nowhere near a place where anyone could have lunch, thus really delaying lunch that day (the fourth Saturday of last month) to the point that we went more than 10 hours without having a meal. And with that being said, the airline companies both need to stop being this misleading about layover times and need to have a better distribution of eating areas per gate location.

Okay, so you thought this entire chain of events would reach its conclusion, right? Well no, as one week ago today, the movers ran about two hours late, which of course had me puppy wrangling once again. And of course, the roommates leaving me in charge of that was prolonged by the aforementioned movers and how that it took them to leave our current neighborhood. Plus, there are still too many unpacked boxes that still make it hard to both navigate around our current abode, along with that scenario still not giving us any real semblance of an actual eating area. Oh yeah, and the major time snags caused the beginning of Week 155 for this current Art Infliction era to start a day late, along with creating too long of an update day six days ago.

No chain of events of this most recent state-to-state move is as exact as anyone else’s state-to-state move. And depending on how detailed that someone else’s moving experience was, that is either a good thing or a bad thing. And yes, I’ve had moving experiences prior to this one, with an almost three-month hotel stay during the first one, bullshit house staging for the constant barrage of showings during the second one and more bullshit house staging combined with the lazy incompetence of public WiFi during the third one. But none of them were the through-and-through mind fuck that this one was.

It’s mentally draining to blog about those chain of events yet also necessary in doing so. And as to why it’s necessary in doing so, well I want to help others avoid the aggravation or at least some of it, as no one deserves to be at the mercy of some of those fucking variables mentioned in this entry. But if being at that mercy is completely unavoidable, well then at least try to find a hotel that doesn’t require a fucking app to get into their gym, as at least getting into such a hotel gym both keeps you healthy and mentally stimulated. But if you’re stuck in that fucking app requirement situation like I was, well then either read or develop a writing routine via Microsoft Word that could possibly lead to you having your own blog. Yeah, your own version of a sustainable online entrepreneurship could emerge from even the most draconian of situations. 

Of course, this will be the last time for quite a while that I will blog about something that isn’t Tats What’s Up! related nor movie review related, as I want to further commit to the latter. Plus, I want to re-dedicate myself to promoting Art Infliction, as doing so will make the progress that I feel is long overdue for it. However, this entry won’t have the unknown of when I’ll return to the Kaycee And The Forefront. Instead, this blog entry will forever remain on this website, along with having a comments section below for anyone to share their viewpoints about this entry.

Thank you as always for tuning into Kaycee And The Forefront and please be honest yet not malicious in the comments section below. Keep Art Infliction progressing!

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  1. I 100% agree with the whole flight situation. They are very misleading. Always has been. I feel like you have spent your time in a hotel way too long than it was necessary. Grateful to have read this though. Hope people who read this are able to research on hotels, etc.

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