Rash Decision

Everyone’s tattoo life starts out differently.

Mine started at the age of 12, the same age that my friend Steve Kaycee’s tattoo life started.

But mine didn’t start out with the reverence of Shaquille O’Neal. Far from it, actually.

Instead, mine started out very tragically.

It was at that age that I lost my father in a motorcycle accident, as a member of the Hells Angels. His death devastated us all.

Two years later, I decided that I wanted to get tattooed. It was something that I asked my mother about. She told me to wait until I was 16.

Those two years went by quick, as I was on the cusp of my 16th birthday. That would be the day that I would get my very first tattoo.

Given the life-altering event of my father’s death, I decided the tattoo would be in honor of him.

The piece that I chose had a lot of themes incorporated into it.

During his time with the Hells Angels, he had a Harley Davidson Fat Boy. It featured his favorite colors, blue and yellow. So I had it tattooed on me, along with a grim reaper to reflect the rebellion, in which he stood for. It also features his nickname, Rash.

The spot that I chose was my left breast, because I wanted the piece close to my heart. That’s how much my father meant to me and still does, even in spirit.

As for the pain during the piece, the lines hurt way more than the colors. But the pain of a tattoo doesn’t compare to the pain of losing a loved one.

Despite the tragic death of my father, having a tattoo in honor of him brings much joy to my heart.

As a member of a family that has tattoos, I was taught to get tattoos that have meaning. This piece symbolizes that teaching. It’s also a perfect start to what has to come. Stay tuned!