Previewing The Path To 900

The 20th of a month has been a theme for the Two ThouCentennial Project, with things such as Wildcats kicking this whole thing off exactly 17 years ago yesterday, Pocahontas being the 200th evaluation six days [February 26, 2012] after the exact six-year anniversary [February 20, 2012] of the Wildcats evaluation, Stomp The Yard being evaluation number 400 one day shy of 08/20/20, (500) Days Of Summer being evaluated on 12/20/20 and Big Hero 6 being evaluated as number 600 exactly 23 months [November 20, 2022] after the evaluation of (500) Days Of Summer. And of course, with all of that being said, you can add Café Society to the list of movies that have unique connections to the 20th of a month, as it became the 800th Two ThouCentennial evaluation exactly 17 years after Wildcats was the very first.

The path to 800 featured more unique feats, such as Anna Camp garnering a fourth top 100 movie with 1 Night, the end of the trilogies for both The Godfather and Madagascar, the late Chadwick Boseman garnering a third top 100 movie with Black Panther, baseball-themed movies [The Sandlot, Chasing 3000] getting evaluations 714 and 715, another baseball-themed movie in Hardball getting evaluation 755, a movie with a family [The Simpsons] being known for having the house number 742 getting evaluation 742, Amelia Rose Blaire having a very brief yet memorable run in the Project with her movies Angels In Stardust and Commencement, and Ambulance being the youngest movie to be evaluated up to this point of the Project. And of course, that path ended with Café Society, which featured the aforementioned Anna Camp and Blake Lively, the latter of whom was a part of the end of the path to 700 via the evaluation of A Simple Favor.

Yes, the Two ThouCentennial Project produced standout moments yet again in this latest completed increment of 100. But it’s not the final increment of 100, as A) There are 13 more such increments to go and B) The path to 900 will begin not too long after this entry is published. So, with Point B being said, what will the path to 900 look like?

Well, given how The Marc Pease Experience worked well in tandem with Café Society back in September 2020, the former of the two movies will kick off this new path, thus that being one set in stone component of it. And of course, that’s not the only such component because in addition, Shazam! will be number 808, in homage to Meagan Good’s birthday being August 8 and number 823 will be a basketball-themed movie, in tribute to the late Kobe Bryant’s birthday being August 23.

It will no doubt be another unforgettable increment of 100 movies that will join something that started with Wildcats and rounded out to 800 via Café Society. I look forward to resuming the Project sometime this afternoon.