Previewing The Path To 700

23 months. That’s how long that it took to get from 500 to 600 for the Two ThouCentennial page rankings, which was a stark contrast (four months and one day) to how long that it took to get from 400 to 500. But hey, better late than never, as the tedium was well worth it, due to working on finding the best line-up combinations for the remainder of the Two ThouCentennial Project.

Of course, the crazy amount of movies being up for assessment/re-assessment will never be as sizeable as that one from February 26, 2021 to October 7, 2022, so the path to 700 will take far less time. As a matter of fact, it could be done one day before New Year’s Eve of this year. 

Alright, so what could be among movies 601 through 700 of the Project? Well, given that Kirk Cameron just so happens to have a movie of his (The Best Of Times) in the evaluation pool and shouldn’t have a higher Two ThouCentennial ranking average over celebrities that are way less obnoxious than him, might as well get that evaluation out of the way ASAP, thus that one being number 601. 

Of course, it remains unknown how many total evaluations will be done before 2023. But what I can tell you all is that The Grinch and The Man Who Invented Christmas will factor into next month, as both those movies are Christmas movies. And given the strong likelihood of 624 being reached before 2023, next month will also feature The Roommate in that slot, due to 6/24 being Minka Kelly’s birthday and that movie put her on the map for the Project.

Well, those four movies are all ones that I know for certain will be evaluated before 2022 concludes, as timing and line-up creating will make this a crapshoot for the most part. And with that being said, the only way to find what gets evaluated, as well as what the number of completed evaluations will be heading into 2023 and when 700 will be reached is to keep tuning into The Nog. 

Regardless, it will be fun adding to something that started with Wildcats and rounded out to 600 via Big Hero 6. I look forward to resuming the Project four days from now.