Previewing The Path To 1,000

Rhythm, meeting set deadlines and experience. Those are the three things that have allowed me to be consistent in getting Catch-22 Hundred evaluations completed, as I utilized those three things in getting to 900 via my wee hours evaluation of Songbird.

Of course, every completed increment [nine] of 100 Catch-22 Hundred evaluations has unique feats and this one was no exception, with the beginning of this one being the evaluation of one Anna (Kendrick) following the evaluation of another movie [Café Society] featuring another Anna (Camp), in the form of The Marc Pease Experience. And that was just the beginning because in addition, the live-action remake of Dumbo became the highest-ranked movie of everything done from 10/14/22 to now. Plus, Shazam! became the 808th Catch-22 Hundred evaluation as planned, the late Kobe Bryant posthumously had evaluation number 823 be a basketball-themed movie match his birthday of August 23 via the movie Home Of The Giants, the late Sean Connery posthumously had evaluation number 825 match his birthday of August 25 via the movie Just Cause, three more franchises [Jaws, Harry Potter, The Hobbit] all coming to an end, Anna Akana’s brief yet memorable run wrapping up with the movies You Get Me and Go Back To China, one of the longest Catch-22 Hundred waits ending via the completed evaluation of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol [it joined the Project on August 30, 2012], Keanu Reeves having four more of his movies enshrined and the best still having yet to come for him, Dennis Haskins becoming the fifth original Saved By The Bell cast member to have a movie of his enshrined via the completed evaluation of National Lampoon’s Ratko: The Dictator’s Son, Mark-Paul Gosselaar becoming the sixth original Saved By The Bell cast member to have a movie of his enshrined via the completed evaluation of Sticks And Stones, and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen finally becoming a part of Catch-22 Hundred lore via her movies Northpole and Son In Law both being enshrined.

Yes, the now renamed (via expansion) Catch-22 Hundred Project produced standout moments just like the previous eight increments of 100 did. But of course, this increment isn’t the final one, as A] There are 13 more (again via expansion) such increments to go and B) The path to 1,000 will begin not too long after this entry is published. So, with Point B being said, what will the path to 1,000 look like?

Well, for starters, a movie of the late Robin Williams was always going to follow Songbird and the only other one that I felt would work aside from Toys (that movie is in a selection protocol) is One Hour Photo, thus that one being the first one of this next increment. And of course, that isn’t all that’s confirmed because in addition, 902 will be The Matrix Reloaded since September 2 is Keanu Reeves’ birthday, 906 will be The Mountain Between Us since September 6 is Idris Elba’s birthday and 927 will be The Wedding Year since September 27 is Anna Camp’s birthday. 

It will no doubt be another unforgettable increment of 100 movies that will join something that started with Wildcats and rounded out to 900 via Songbird. And just like February 21, 2023, I look forward to resuming the Project sometime this particular afternoon.