Permanent Mark Monday

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Yesterday, Steve blogged about the session of his 113th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Lucky 113 Opportunity: Part 4”

                           There was a time in my life that I banned myself from telling anyone that I liked as more than a friend until I completely justified my decision to leave my day job. And while I haven’t settled down with anyone up to this point, I at least have way more clear of a mind than I did in mid 2014, the year that I foolishly believed that I had a chance with that girl that I used to like. And why I say foolishly, well liking her was a waste of time.

Of course, I didn’t feel that way in late June 2014, as I was finding myself wishing at that time to actually hang out with her outside of the club environment. It was gnawing at me most of the fourth Wednesday of the aforementioned June 2014.

But luckily for me on that day, I had something to keep my mind occupied and that was the session of my 113thtattoo with Jeff. But before I arrived at Shogun, I visited a couple other shops for future projects, as I left really early that day.

Of course, I got to my appointment on time, as I pulled in the Shogun parking lot 15 minutes prior to the start time. And as soon as I entered the building, Jeff was ready to tattoo me. But before that could that could, the steps of preparing the stencil, prepping the area and applying the aforementioned stencil all had to commence, to which they all eventually did. And after a few minutes of drying time, it was show time.

The experience pain-wise for this piece was that it was my most painful arm tattoo at the time, due to how much of the stencil was on the bone. But of course, I refused to leave without an unfinished piece, so I decided to tough it out.

After a half hour of my most painful arm tattoo, number 113 was a wrap. And just like its 112 predecessors, it came out awesome.

After snapping a picture of the piece for me, Jeff bandaged me up. I then cashed out with him, we then shook hands and finally went our separate ways, with him about to give a consultation to someone else and me heading home to have dinner then continue to justify my decision to leave my day job.

Stay tuned.