Permanent Mark Monday

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On February 11, 2019, Steve blogged about the session of his 77th tattoo.

Check it out and enjoy!

“Lucky 7 Times 11, Part 2”

                                               Three days after getting number 76, the tattoo of March Madness continued, as the second Thursday of March 2014 marked the day that I would get my eighth tattoo that month. And after a shift that had me falling asleep on company time, I left to go to the bank to get money for what would eventually be my 77th tattoo.

Unlike the vast majority of my tattoos, this one was a first come first serve appointment, so I of course had to wait a little while. But luckily, I wasn’t in a situation where Jesse ran late to the point of someone else taking over for him, as my wait only lasted about twenty minutes. So with that being said, he was able to tattoo me. But before that could happen, the steps of preparing the stencil, prepping the area (the lower right side of my stomach down to my upper front right thigh) where the piece was going and applying the aforementioned stencil all first had to commence, to which they eventually did. And after a few minutes of drying time, it was showtime.

The experience pain-wise for this piece definitely kept me awake way more than my shift that day, as it was really painful in both the lower stomach area and the part of the tattoo that was on my right hip bone. But as always, I decided to hang tough, because I once again didn’t want to leave with an unfinished tattoo, along with the fact that this piece was a small tattoo.

After roughly a half hour of getting my second most painful flash special tattoo, number 77 was a wrap. And just like its 76 predecessors, it came out awesome.

After Mark snapped a picture of the piece for me, Jesse bandaged me up. I then cashed out with him, we then shook hands and finally went our separate ways, with him getting ready for the next person to get a St. Patrick’s Day flash special piece from him and me heading home to go have dinner.

Tune in tomorrow to see where my tattoo adventures take me next.