PayPal Reminder

As of May 1, 2016, we have started to accept PayPal payments and donations directly on this site.

This announcement pertains to the art shop Kustom Reproductions, the photography firm Melissa Knoy Photography, and the Tattuary Foundation.

Here on this page, we want to set the record straight about three things that pertain to our PayPal buttons, which read the following:

  1.   Despite the fact that we specifically mentioned PayPal on our four aforementioned pages, the PayPal buttons show up on all of the pages, as we could only incorporate our buttons into site widgets. Right now, there’s no way that we can have our PayPal buttons exclusively on their intended pages.
  2.  Each payment button has a page name right above it as a way to avoid confusion with the embedding process, along with wanting to tell the two “Add to Cart” buttons apart.
  3.  If any Melissa Knoy Photography/Kustom Reproductions customer or Tattuary donor wonders why there is a transaction that says Art Infliction on their bill, then that’s because each of the PayPal buttons that are on our website were made under the same PayPal business account name, which was indeed Art Infliction. And as of right now, the three entities are still listed under Art Infliction. But that might change in the future if the owners of both Melissa Knoy Photography and Tattuary decide to go independent, and if Steve Kaycee transforms ownership of Kustom Reproductions over to someone else. Stay tuned.

We hope that you found the bold text to be helpful.

But if you have any further questions regarding this page, then just simply go to Contact and a representative will answer your question as soon as possible.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!