Out Of The Woods An Eighth Time, And Into A Movie Theater On Halloween!

It’s been nearly a month since I’ve written a blog entry about a movie (that I want to see theatrically) being at the mercy of The Frandemic, as the last such movie was The Creator, a movie that I saw a little over three weeks ago. And of course, with all of that being said, I’m back with another such blog entry, although it was supposed to post yesterday. But one day late is better than never at all, as the movie in question this time is Five Nights At Freddy’s, a movie that I’ve been excited about seeing since finding out that it’s going to be released via Blumhouse, the company that was instrumental in my favorite Allison Williams movie (M3GAN) being released. And as to whether the newest Blumhouse movie kowtowed to The Frandemic or not, I can gladly say that it didn’t :-), as it made its USA wide release date yesterday. And not only did it make its USA wide release date yesterday because in addition, it has presented me with the perfect opportunity to go see it theatrically on a day (Halloween) that I’ve never seen a movie that way before. But given that that day is the perfect day to go see/assess that movie, I will no doubt jump at that opportunity.

Tune in 13 days from now to find out if The Marvels will bend the knee to The Frandemic or not.