Okay, Five More To The Karl-Nine And That’s It!

Okay, so I did say that I was done adding movies to The Karl-Nine Marathon via my entry Eight More Is Enough For The Karl-Nine.

However, a somewhat deviated plan on the Friday following MLK Day 2020 made me decide to stick to my 100-movie assessment marathon plan, meaning that I swapped out one of the movies in the 100-movie assessment marathon to go see Dolittle at the theater. And with that being said, the movie that I swapped out will move to The Karl-Nine Marathon, along with four others being added to it.

To see which five movies are being added to The Karl-Nine Marathon, simply view the chart below:

MovieWhy it’s being assessed
The Cider House RulesIt’s the movie that got swapped out for Dolittle.
Trial And ErrorOddly enough, this movie could compliment The Cider House Rules during its assessment.
Playing With FireBased on the previews, it has the same fun tone that the remake of Yours, Mine & Ours has.
21 BridgesIt’s worth seeing Chadwick Boseman in an R-Rated movie.
Last ChristmasHenry Golding is 2-for-2 in his movies (Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor) getting into the Tremendous 1200 Project, thus this movie getting the benefit of an assessment.