Oh Upsell No!

In these economic times, we are dealing with the counterproductive aspect of price inflation. One of the most common industries where this practice occurs is the automotive industry. Their price inflation happens through the means of upselling. Recently, I’ve had a friend complain to me about this. It has prompted me to blog about this matter.

The automotive industry is one of the hardest working industries in the country. On one hand, they should get paid based on that hard work. But on the other hand, people struggling in these economic times can’t afford to shell out that kind of money every time. The way that they cause you to shell out that kind of money is through upsells.

Some people can figure out upsells better than others. You can usually feel an upsell coming, when the salesperson begins to describe a benefit or convenience, which would supposedly make your life easier. For example, a tire salesperson might say, “While we’re installing your new tires, it’s a great time to get the brake pads changed. Would you like us to take care of that for you?”

Don’t let guilt or desperation motivate you to buy something that you don’t need.  Just say I’m not interested at this time. You can always get a second opinion too.

Additional upsells are quick oil changes, air filter and brake jobs, and synthetic oil changes that most engines don’t require. Recognizing the upsell is not only vital to protecting your money; it also helps you focus on what you really need.

If you came in to buy one product because you really needed it, but nearly get upsold addition(s), don’t hesitate to say no. It takes awareness and willpower to decline when a salesperson tries to offer add-ons and upgrades. By knowing your own mind and what your needs are, your “no’s” will save you a lot of money for those needs.

The same friend that I mentioned in paragraph one learned all this the hard way. He now knows what to do in the event of another upsell.

There are good people in the automotive industry. Unfortunately, the upselling of the shysters overshadows their hard work.

In an industry focused on fixing automobiles, being taken for a ride is an unfortunately pun. The lengths that the shysters go to are really aggravating. But if you take the necessary steps in declining their upsells, you’ll be saving yourself money and aggravation. And in another fitting pun, you’ll be leaving them in the dust.