No Need To Always Keeping It ‘Wheel’!

When it comes to updating the Art Infliction website, buying things online, browsing the websites that I usually browse and/or socializing online, I like to make sure that my computer (MacBook Pro) is always safe before I do any of those things. And of course, with all of that being said, I always check for that safety via the VirusBarrier section that’s within the Intego castle icon on my computer. And as to the status of that safety, well it’s always up to code.

However, there’s one thing that annoyed me this past Thursday and still annoys me today, which was/is the fact that the Virus Barrier still shows the March 23, 2023 incomplete notation of the Intego scan, despite the facts that A) I did multiple subsuqent full virus scans that day, B) I did a VirusBarrier Malware Definitions update yesterday and C) The scan that followed what happened yesterday updated to the complete notation with yesterday’s date. However, after I did my subsequent restart yesterday, I got that March 23, 2023 incomplete notation again, which of course still annoys me. Especially when yesterday’s notation should have superseded that aforementioned incomplete one.

Look, I’m not the person who knows every single thing about technology. But I do know that the “incomplete” notation from six days prior should be superseded by the “complete” notation of yesterday. And why such a superseding didn’t occur is a complete mystery to me. But if I had to guess, well either Apple or Intego made some kind of “re-invent the wheel” change that fucked something else up. You’ve got to love these companies that feel the unnecessary need to constantly re-invent the wheel.

Sarcasm about companies feeling the unnecessary need to constantly re-invent the wheel aside, the tell-tale sign of having that annoying notation (picture below) superseded could be tomorrow when a Thursday afternoon scan via Intego will be done. And if I let it take its natural course instead of stopping it while having another app open during the time that it arbitrarily pops up, then what you will see via the picture below should be a non-issue. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.