No Malice Equals No Right To Shoot!

**Note: The following content has adult wording. Discretion is advised.

Mass shootings, people dying at the hands of the police [whether justified or not] and police being unjustly killed have all occurred multiple times in our history, and some situations pertaining to those three categories have occurred within a certain window of time. However, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of people being unjustly shot over things, such as A] Accidentally showing up at the wrong house, B] Accidentally getting into someone else’s car or C] Having a ball roll into the neighbor’s yard, let alone heard about five combined situations [each in a separate state] that involved any of those three things and all of them occurring within a week.

Yes, all five of those particular shootings were all unjust, as none of the people that were either shot or shot at had malicious intentions at all. And given how harmless that each proceeding action was, all five of those particular shootings makes you wonder what the fuck went through the minds of all five of those shooters.

Look, I understand the right for one to stand their ground against all that is harmful. But there was no harm about to be done to any of those five shooters, so none of them can use the “fearing for my life” defense. The best that four of the five can do is plead insanity, as one of them (Kevin Monahan) killed someone, so it’s either a second-degree murder or manslaughter conviction for him. Plus, given all of that outcry about George Zimmerman being acquitted, I don’t see how a jury can acquit Monahan.

Given how all five of those situations happened within a week, I genuinely hope that we don’t get copycat situations like we have been getting with mass shooters. But if we get more shootings that are either exact or similar to those five shootings that occurred in Missouri, New York, Texas, North Carolina and Florida, then we all have to be prepared for such moving forward.