My Intro To Art: Victoria Jo

**Note: Some of the following content in both word form and picture is solely mentioned for decorative purposes and doesn’t promote nor encourage violence at all. However, discretion is still advised.

“My Intro To Art: Victoria Jo”

Steve: So what kind of art have you done in the past?

Victoria Jo: I am no artist by any means, but I enjoy dabbling in all modes of creativity. I have done rock painting, canvas, painting and building wood pallets (made my bedframe from used pallets).

Steve: Do you consider it a hobby or a possible additional career path?

Victoria Jo: It’s strictly a hobby. I try to find things to do other than watch TV.

Steve: Should you plan to make it an additional career path, any plans to do your type of art again?

Victoria Jo: Any hobby that turns into making a little extra money is a great one!

Steve: Where can people see the work that you did?

Victoria Jo: When I painted rocks, I left them scattered throughout several states for others to find. After snapping a couple photos, I left them on a road trip, scattered between AZ (Arizona) and OK (Oklahoma). So it’s hard to say how far that they have traveled from there, which is cool to think about!

As for other projects, they are at home only. I’ve made a few little things here and there, such as spears that I’ve made of branches for solely rustic decorative purposes, just enough to keep me busy during downtime.

I’ve also re-purposed wood pallets, along with sanding them, screwing them together and painting them, to create my bedframe, which was both my biggest and most time consuming project!

Oh yes and to answer your question, pictures of my work can be found in the gallery that’s at the end of this interview.

Steve: Should you plan to make it an additional career path, what do you hope to accomplish with?

Victoria Jo: I like to say it’s a hobby, not a talent. I would be overzealous to expect someone to pay for such.

Steve: Any advice for any other artist out there?

Victoria Jo: There are so many people out there who are legitimately talented when it comes to art. When you’re good, you know it, and so do the ones around you. To those, I say pursue it endlessly!