My Intro To Art: Tracy Gagner

Steve: What kind of art do you do?

Tracy: I’ve been interested in photography since my sophomore year of high school. I’ve taken some photography classes and I own aa DSLR camera that I love. Now, I take photos for my Father’s Wild Thing Kart Series and edit the end of the year videos. I also make family birthday/anniversary/graduation videos. I do all of that on Sony Vegas.

Steve: When did you start doing art?

Tracy: My cousin wanted a graduation video done in 2008 and I got hooked on making videos. I’ve always been creative and taken pictures and video making was the next step. When my dad asked me to do these videos I was excited, and I’ve done them for 10+ years.

Steve: Is there a place where we can see your art?

Tracy: I am very careful about posting my videos online because most of them have kids in them. I did post our 10th anniversary video online. While I didn’t get many online views, the racers absolutely love the videos. The video’s I make for family and friends. I leave the decision up to them on whether to post the videos I make. Some have and do credit me. My video collection is mostly stored on CDs, and there are 50 videos in all.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish?

Tracy: With the family and friend videos I always aim to make them cry (good tears). I like those videos to be emotional and show the person journey in life. The kart videos are all about fun. I want to capture the fun and the atmosphere of the season in my videos. My dad initially wanted crash videos. I gave him that, but I kept a little piece for myself to show the fun times. Over the years my fun piece expanded and I love hearing the racers comment on the videos. I want to capture their memories for them.

Steve: How do you hope to inspire others?

Tracy: I just want people to watch my videos and remember the good times they had, and remember their friends. Maybe that will inspire them to make more good memories.