My Intro To Art: Lady Tsuki

Steve: What age did you first get drawn to art?

Lady Tsuki: Around age 14.

Steve: What Made you want to do art?

Lady Tsuki: It helped me express my emotions and keep me busy through my chronic illness.

Steve: What style of art do you do?

Lady Tsuki: : I write stories and poetry, as well as video editing and character design through digital art (photoshop program).

Steve: Where can people see your art? 

Lady Tsuki: My work can be found in both video and graphic art form.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish? 

Lady Tsuki: Just to get my art out there and hopefully make the occasional bit of money via donation, as well as make people happy.

Steve: How to do you hope to inspire others?

Lady Tsuki: I hope to relate to them with my art and poetry, so that they feel they’re not alone or so that my videos etc. cheer them up.