My Intro To Art: Lacy

Steve: At what age did you first take up playing the violin?

Lacy: I first played the violin when I was 7 years old, in second grade.

Steve: What was it that drew you to playing that particular instrument?

Lacy: In my school, we were given the opportunity to have two free weeks of violin class and were given a violin to play during that time. I fell in love with the instrument and it felt quite natural for me to play, unlike the piano lessons that I had been taking.

Steve: What kind of subsequent experiences has taking up playing the violin led to?

Lacy: Playing the violin has opened the door to many new experiences that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. I was able to travel for competitions in high school, which was always exciting. My best friend was also a violinist, so we went to many of the competitions together. More recently, I’ve gotten to play in a few beach weddings, which I love.

Steve: Is playing the violin something that you’ll as a career path?

Lacy: Since, I play mainly for weddings and churches, it is just a part time gig for me. I really enjoy it, but it can get stressful for me at times. I’ll probably just keep doing it part time. But who knows, because things change and maybe I’ll get more motivated in the future.

Steve: What do you feel mentally and emotionally every time that play the violin?

Lacy: I personally feel that violin and cello are the most soulful instruments. When I play sometimes, I get such an amazing feeling that is difficult for me to explain. It feels like I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. It feels heavenly.

Steve: Any advice for anyone that takes up playing the violin or any other musical instrument for that matter?

Lacy: If you’re thinking of taking up an instrument, make sure that you’ll be able to dedicate at least an hour of serious practicing a day. Also, please don’t get the cheapest instrument you can find online. Look for a decent student instrument to start with. You don’t have to buy it brand new. If you can’t take lessons, there are plenty of great instructors on YouTube!