My Intro To Art: Kupkake

Steve: So what is your style of art?

Kupkake: Well, my style of art isn’t really art. It’s just doodling. I was never taught to my draw doodles. They just turn into art sometimes. And to be honest, I’m no artist.

Steve: Do you plan to expand your doodles into art though?

Kupkake: I would like to if taught. I’m jealous of people who can draw.

Steve: Any particular things that you have doodled?

Kupkake: Old English lettering that I free handed just to try it out. My ex let me draw some doodles on him. I got the “L” down pat and looking badass, but that’s as far I got.

Steve: Any advice for young kids coming up in the art world?

Kupkake: Pay attention in art class because I didn’t and that’s something that I regret.