My Intro To Art: Katie Connors

Steve: What were your childhood experiences like doing art?

Katie: I loved to draw as a kid. I filled up a lot of sketchbooks. I played with clay, paints, crayons, markers, construction paper, did crafts, all of it. I grew up in a time with no internet and my parents limited TV, so when I wasn’t playing outside, I either read or did some sort of art project.

Steve: What were your teen years like doing art?

Katie: I spent more time on performing arts – specifically dance – than visual arts in my teens. I did, however, take art classes in high school. In addition to drawing and cartooning, I explored photography. I learned how to paint in high school as well, sticking mostly to acrylics. I’m still rather attached to them, though watercolors and the glass painting I do are both great media as well.

Steve: How did you get into doing your tremendous artwork?

Katie: I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing some sort of art. I was always encouraged by teachers and my parents and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love creating; it really doesn’t matter what I’m doing as long as it’s creative.

Steve: Is there a place where people can see your work?

Katie: I currently do not have any art work on display. My website,, is more a bare bones portfolio, and needs desperately to be updated. Current works will be soon available to see and purchase through and my soon-to-be reactivated Etsy store, Katie Lynn Artwork. I’ll also be at the Punk Rock Flea Market in Salem, MA, on November 12 and the Yule Wizards Market in Worcester, MA, on December 10.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish?

Katie: I’d love to someday be able to have creating art as a full time job with a part time on the side, instead of the other way around. But mostly I just want to paint! I’m still learning, and I’ll never stop learning.

Steve: How do you hope to inspire others?

Katie: I don’t think I’m at the “inspiring others” point in my career, but perhaps someday, someone will see something I’ve done and decide to go for it themselves. It’s scary, trying to create, but so worth it. So if anyone’s on the fence about giving it a shot, go for it. You won’t know until you try. I was terrified at my first show and wound up not only doing better than I thought I would, but I had an amazing time. I’m still in the beginner’s stage, but I’m really happy that I’m trying.