My Intro To Art: Jay Sager

Steve: At what age did you first get into music?

Jay: I took piano lessons at the age of 5, but I really got into music when I started playing drums in school at 5th grade.

Steve: What made you want to have music be a part of your line of work?

Jay: My mom taught string lessons, conducted an orchestra, and directed a music camp. When I got to middle school, my music teacher Mr. Derby let me bring tons of different instruments home to try. I enjoyed learning everything that I could about music and realized that I could teach it someday too.

Steve: What type of music do you cover in your line of work?

Jay: I usually begin with music by living composers and performers and then connect it back to music that is older. It makes things more relevant to kids when I can say “this musician lives right around the corner from you” and later talk about how deceased musicians shaped the music of today.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish with music as a part of your line of work? 

Jay: I want to show that music making is something that everyone can do. I notice that a lot of people that express interest in playing music start with saying “I am not musical”, but this is a non-starter. 

Steve: Any advice for your fellow musicians out there?

Jay: If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way to put in the work. This kind of mentality will make you unstoppable.