My Intro To Art: Diana Assaker

Steve: At what age did you first start getting into art?

Diana: I started at a very young age. I remember that I enjoyed school, because of drawing and coloring.

Steve: What made you want to pursue art as a way to make a living?

Diana: I wanted my work to be my passion. I ‘m passionate about all aspects of the art business.

Steve: What styles of art are you known for?

Diana: Experimenting in art is key for success. My style is inspired by the baroque, mixed with conceptualized ideas. The concept leads to the style needed in creating it. For example, when I created ” Exploring Intimacy”, the installation I used was electronic material for the video projection and a huge stuffed white bear hanging in a 12 meters by 3 meters long white tent, with drawings in the inside.

Steve: Where can people see your art?

Diana: They can see my daily posts on Instagram, diana_assaker or they can follow me on Facebook with the same name.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish?

Diana: Immortality. Not personally, but through my artwork.

Steve: How do you hope to inspire others?

Diana:  I hope 500 years from now my work would make people think, appreciate, smile, and then say, “Damn she was good!”, and maybe follow the same path with whatever they do. Hopefully, their legacy won’t be 2000 duckface, where they uploaded on their Snapchat.