My Intro To Art: Deanna Oliver

Steve: What were your little kid years like?

Deanna: I was quite popular when I was a kid. I had a lot of friends. I was the class clown. I loved to make people laugh so if I could do anything funny, I would. My parents were the best. The cool parents. My friends loved them. Pretty much a normal fun childhood.

Steve: What were your teen years like?

Deanna: My teen years get a little sticky. When I turned 12, I got diagnosed with juvenile diabetes and bipolar disorder. I became constantly sick. I was always depressed. I was in and out of the hospital for both. I have to say that I have tried to committing suicide. In my deepest throws of depression, I wrote a poem called Hopeless Being describing what it’s like. I had also lost my father to suicide when I was 14. So a lot happened in my teen years that were bad but the good thing that happened was I started to develop my art. I went to college for art. I got one-year in. Not too bad. Had to withdraw from a lot of classes because the anxiety was too much to take but I learned a lot. I developed my own style of art I like to call crisscross art. It’s fine lines crisscrossing each other with marker making up the tones of the face. So yes a lot happened. Good and bad.

Steve: What made you decide to do the wonderful art work that you have display on your website?

Deanna: When I was little, my father had this drawing book that he used to draw in. And he was a really good drawer. I wanted to be as good as him. So I would take his book and trace the drawing to try and get good. Once I had the feel for it, I would try to draw free hand. And that’s how I got started. My decision to do the art I do today is probably because of one of the drawings in my father’s book. He had the very defined drawing of a man and it was just beautiful. I think I fell in love with the human form that day. Then when I started the human figure in college, I just was in awe of the way the human figure flows and is defined. There is something that’s just so beautiful about it.

Steve: What’s the name of your website?

Deanna: My website is called Forever Masterpiece Artwork.

Steve: What do you hope to accomplish?

Deanna: I hope to be famous of course. Just kidding. Kind of. Seriously, I wish to just show people my art, my life, and my soul. I want people to be inspired by my story and my art so they can go out there and do their own. That is no matter what issues that carry that they can do what I have done.

Steve: How do you hope to inspire others?

Deanna: I hope people will look at my poetry and my story and see a person who has struggled just like they have, but is trying to make something of themselves. Someone who’s not giving up to love their dream of being an artist and say, “Hey, you can do it too!” If you just believe in yourself. Life sucks sometimes, but if you find that one thing in your life that your passionate about, then it’s not so bad.