Mostly Idle Time Is Creativity’s Playground, Part 2

**Note: The following content has wording that is upsetting in one instance and racy in a separate instance. Discretion is advised

Katharine Towne, John Stamos, Danny Masterson (more on him this coming Tuesday) and Dagmara Dominczyk. They have all just caused the foreseeable movie assessment/re-assessment schedule to expand just a little longer, along with possibly causing the Eastern Bluebird 45 page to subsequently have a different number in its title. Furthermore, each of them has a different reason for this particular expansion, all of which will be detailed via the chart below:

CelebrityMovieReason(s) For Assessment/Re-Assessment
Katharine TowneBlades Of GloryHer brief role as a very randy woman gets this movie a second re-assessment, a shot at her being a part of Catch-22 Hundred lore and a chance for both her and Jon Heder to compete March Madness style against at least one of the two Saved By The Bell movies.
John StamosThey Came TogetherWith all due respect to the late Bob Saget, John Stamos was/is/always will be the coolest thing about Full House. So, given that, this movie gives him the best chance to also be a part of Catch-22 Hundred lore.
Danny MastersonCalifornia SoloHe’s in this category for a slightly different reason, which is that he needs a movie of his to reside at the bottom of the Catch-22 Hundred rankings along with The Best Of Times (Kirk Cameron movie) and UHF (Fran Drescher movie). Plus, his real-life heinous tactic of dealing with dogs warrants a movie of his to match-up against John Wick March Madness style.
Dagmara DominczykThe ImmigrantFor as hot as she is in the movie Bottoms, it’s worth assessing a movie of hers that came out before she turned 40.

Well, there you have it. Four movies that will join a roster full of other movies that are all expected to pass their assessments/re-assessments, headlined by Mending The Line. And given that everything (22 movies) not named “I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore” will make the Project, that 192 that I opened with in the blog entry “Bottoms Becomes A Top Assessment Choice” will change to 199, a number that is famous for a completely different reason.

The selection process continues.