Lucky 13 Troubleshooting

Exactly one week ago on this page, I mentioned the annoyance that was the “incomplete” Intego notation that I got this most recent March 23 and how it didn’t disappear a week ago yesterday. And that’s not all that I mentioned on this page last week because in addition, I mentioned that an Intego scan that was set to occur (it did) this past Thursday could have helped with getting rid of that annoying notation via a virus scan. However, that virus scan didn’t run in the background properly, thus the annoying notation remained.

Of course, I didn’t lose hope, as I thought that the next (and upcoming) Thursday afternoon (April 6) virus scan would help get rid of that annoying notation. Especially since I A) Knew what to expect and B) Planned on doing my Thursday VirusBarrier Malware Defintions update during the next scan check timeframe, with the exact time of that check being 4:18 P.M. Eastern time.

However, to my total surprise, my plan came to fruition two days ahead of schedule, as I did my most recent Tuesday VirusBarrier Malware Defintions update late yesterday afternoon, followed by letting the subsequent scan check happen on its own. And sure enough, that annoying notation finally went away, as my Intego scan cycle is now fully up to date, thus matching the notation of my computer being safe with the complete scan notation of yesterday. And if you want proof, then you can see for yourself via the picture below.

Look, I don’t understand some of the motives of these companies, whether it’s Apple, Intego or any movie theater franchise. But given where I am now with Intego, what I dealt with for the 12 days prior to yesterday is all a non-issue. And given what I know now, I know exactly what to do when it comes to A) Changing an incomplete Intego notation to complete and B) Making sure that an incomplete Intego notation never happens to me, again. And as how to make sure that an incomplete Intego notation never happens again or at all, well be prepared when a virus scan comes out of nowhere. And if/when it does come out of nowhere, then do not have any other apps running or else you’ll end up with that incomplete notation if you do stop the scan to ultimately restart it from scratch.

Another entry concluded, another issue resolved. Until the next time.