Let’s Get Ready To Forecast Five Nights At Freddy’s (Plus Four More)

Towards the end of the blog entry “The Impact Of The Little Mermaid ’23 On The Two ThouCentennial Project”, I was supposed to forecast the five (Five Nights At Freddy’s, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, A Thousand And One, Knights Of The Zodiac, The Marvels) vs. five (Black Samson, La Bamba, The Frighteners, Network, Out Of Time) battle of which five will emerge as movies 2,071 through 2,075 of the Project. However, I felt that making that forecast would have ruined the ending of that entry, so I instead decided to write this entry to make that aforementioned forecast. 

Of course, the five new or fairly new movies all made a strong case of why they should be in the Project, which makes it an uphill climb for Black Samson and the other four assessed/re-assessed movies. Or so it seems, because after giving more thought to this particular five vs. five battle, I felt/feel that A] Knights Of The Zodiac could fail like Dragon Ball Evolution (a similar movie) did and B] A Thousand And One has a vibe that is similar to the failure, known as The Florida Project. So given both Points A and B, the five movies that will get spots 2,071 through 2,075 will be Five Nights At Freddy’s, Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, The Marvels, Black Samson and Out Of Time. 

This latest battle of savagery in making the Two ThouCentennial Project will surely be yet another fun one and that will make this moratorium of spot-fill tournaments even more worth it. Especially with the potential for a M3GAN Vs. Five Nights At Freddy’s March Madness style matchup.

Tune in sometime next year to find out which five movies will get spots 2,071 through 2,075.