It’s Time For Aubrey Plaza To Be The Woman Of Steal…Again

 Monday’s bombshell about the Michael Oher case kind of helped me break up the logjam of movies (56) vying for foreseeable Catch-22 Hundred spots, as the permanent banishment of The Blind Side led to ten movies engaging in a March Madness style battle for that revoked fully guaranteed spot. And as to which of those 10 movies won that battle, well it was Sideways, the Paul Giamatti movie. Yes, that one avoided the impending (and tedious) grind of making either the Eastern Bluebird 53 page or the Spider 25 page, as it will instead be among movie immortality well before those two pages finalize.

Of course, those nine other movies had as much of a chance (as Sideways did) in making the Project, only to get dealt the tough hand of single-elimination via vying for that spot. And given the gauntlet of yet to be assessed/re-assessed movies that they all have to go through, those nine other movies are facing the impending (and tedious) grind.

Or maybe they might not have to, as A] The Frandemic could cause some more line-up changes and/or B] There could be a lot of movies that fail their assessments/re-assessments. Plus, despite my frustrations with Point A, it could be an unlikely help to a trending upwards movie, such as Emily The Criminal a.k.a. one of those nine other movies. 

Alright, so how will I decide what avoids the impending (and tedious) grind? Well, I will use the same formula that I used in getting Son In Law into the Project, which was create a standings style tier, where that movie had to run the table against a lot of then-pending assessments/re-assessments, so that it could eventually be enshrined, which it was this past June 29. And of course, with most of this paragraph being said, I will create such a tier again, but one where Emily The Criminal is at the very top and has to go undefeated against all movies, except Carmen and possibly Jules, that have hard copy confirmation and are awaiting assessment/re-assessment. And as to why the aforementioned Emily The Criminal is allowed that slight margin for error, well A] Carmen is one of nine movies competing for the Walrus 23 page and B] Jules could be a substitution for an upcoming 2023 movie that could be impacted by The Frandemic. Plus, a movie like Five Nights At Freddy’s, Dumb Money, The Creator or Poor Things could fail assessment, thus giving the Aubrey Plaza-led movie a somewhat smoother path to the Project. Let’s see how it all shakes out, starting later today.

Yes, this entry is pretty much me seeing Emily The Criminal in a whole different way, compared to when I first saw it this past March, thus it being the only movie of the nine that I really want to have avoid that impending (and tedious) grind. But since the other eight of those movies are no slouches by any means, I will divulge which ones (the first non-Emily The Criminal one is the best one via being listed first) that they are, so that you can know what else needs to run the table to avoid that same grind. Furthermore, the other eight movies are listed via the bullet points below. The selection process remains ongoing!

  • Richard Jewell
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Hail, Caeser!
  • The Art Of Self-Defense
  • Raging Bull
  • Shark Lake
  • Two If By Sea
  • The Banana Splits Movie