It Sounds Like There’s Irony In Your Diet, Part 2

Previously in Kaycee And The Forefront, I mentioned needing to get out in front to protect the Art Infliction brand from this whole woke/cancer culture/social justice warrior/cultural appropriation cluster. And as to why I feel the need to do that, well one of my Tats What’s Up! entries and 50 of my Steve Believes entries all have the former name of the now generically named Washington Football Team, as they were 51 of the countless entries that I had to both proofread and (at times) edit from March 15, 2021 through March 27, 2021. And given the ridiculous extremes that that four-synonym cluster has gone to, I feel that they shouldn’t be tone-deaf in my reasoning as to why I didn’t put Washington Football Team in those aforementioned 51 entries.

You see, the reasoning is in two parts, with one being that the Washington Football Team’s former name was still in existence during all those times that I had originally wrote all of those entries, so I went into all of those entries not foreseeing the change that eventually occurred on July 13, 2020. And as for the second part, well when you have countless entries that you want to have accessible again to your readers in a timely fashion, then one of the last things that’s on your mind is applying political correctness to 51 of the entries that you had to proofread and (at times) edit via backed up Microsoft Word documents. Perhaps, I could change the former name to Washington Football Team in all of those entries, or wait until that now generically named team has a team name that can be differentiated from all of the other 31 NFL franchises.

You know what, I’ll let those of you that are reading this entry decide that via the poll below. Plus, I will keep this entry and the aforementioned poll below on this website until enough votes have been cast.

Thank you to both the regular Kaycee And The Forefront viewers and the new viewers of this page. The power is now in your hands when it comes to possible content amending. Happy voting!

Should I change the Washington Football Team's former name in the 51 entries prior to July 13, 2020?