It Could Take A “Thief” To End Assessment/Re-Assessment Futility

Futility in trying to find overall guaranteed Catch-22 Hundred movies reared its ugly head three days ago, as a mid-credits scene ruined what could have been a legitimate Tier 12 contender in The Green Inferno. And not only did that scene self-sabotage that movie because in addition, it prevented that movie from filling the tentatively reserved spot of The Oxford Murders. So, in effect, there’s a vacant foreseeable Catch-22 Hundred spot, thus another exhausting search in getting a grand total of at least 16 Tier 12 spots filled before the evaluation of Batman Forever.

But of course, it didn’t take me long to find a new movie for Tier 12, as the movie that I bypassed in favor of The Oxford Murders came to mind after my assessment of The Green Inferno. And as to what that movie was/is, well it was/is The Book Thief, a movie that both has a majestic vibe that’s similar to the delayed White Bird and entirely takes place during the World War II era just like The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. But unlike the latter of the four movies being the combination of a boring movie with one of the most depressing endings ever put to film, I expect The Book Thief to be a movie that both isn’t boring at all and can have some sort of silver lining in its ending. I guess I’ll find out sometime after the 10-03-23 Nog Report.

Hopefully this is the last time that I have to write about compensating for a movie falling short of Catch-22 Hundred expectations anytime soon.