Ink-Quiry: Nicole

Steve: How many tattoos do you have?

Nicole: I only have one horrible one.

Steve: What’s the tattoo of?

Nicole: The tattoo is a club. It was supposed to be a clover that represented me and my tattoos.

Steve: Where on your body is the tattoo?

Nicole: It’s between my shoulder blades on my upper back.

Steve: What was the pain?

Nicole: It wasn’t really painful, but I was drunk as a skunk when I got it.

Steve: You plan to get anymore tattoos?

Nicole: Yes, I want to get more. I want to get a large sea turtle with the Celtic symbol for motherhood over the club. Then I want to get three baby sea turtles with my kids’ names and dates of birth.

Steve: Any advice for people looking to get their first tattoo?

Nicole: My advice to first timers is first to make sure that you’re sober LOL. Second, make sure that what you get is something that is sentimental, and something that you’re willing to live with for the rest of your life. Third, don’t ever get a name tattooed on you unless it is someone that you truly love (kids, mom, dad, siblings, etc.).